Preserving your teeth is our top priority.

Because in the vast majority of cases, your own teeth are better than any replacement, no matter how good. We offer you the best possible quality of treatment thanks to our proven expertise and many years of experience.

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Endodontic and apical microsurgical treatments

We specialize entirely in the treatment of tooth root diseases.
All therapies are performed under the continuous use of a dental microscope.

Moderne Zahnwurzelbehandlungen

Root canal treatment is a dental therapy that is carried out when the inside of the tooth — in particular the root canal — is inflamed or infected. During the procedure, the inflamed tissue is removed and the root canal is thoroughly cleaned.


It may be necessary to revise a root canal treatment if the root canal system was not adequately instrumented and disinfected during the first treatment, or if a new infection has occurred due to a leaking crown or filling.

Apikale Mikrochirurgie

Apicoectomy is a microsurgical procedure that is only performed when problems occur at the root tip of a tooth. A small opening is created in the gum to gain direct access to the infection.

In close consultation with your dentist, we offer you optimum treatment based on the latest science and technology.

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