We offer the following treatments:

Moderne Zahnwurzelbehandlungen

Root canal treatment is a dental procedure that is carried out when the inside of the tooth, in particular the root canal, is inflamed or infected. During the procedure, the inflamed tissue is removed and the root canal is thoroughly cleaned. The root is then densely filled with biocompatible material to prevent re-infection. The use of state-of-the-art techniques — such as microscopic magnification, advanced imaging and local anesthesia — ensure that the treatment is safe, painless and successful in the long term.


A revision of root canal treatment may be necessary if the root canal system was not adequately instrumentedand disinfected during the first treatment, or if a new infection has occurred due to a leaking dental crown or filling. During the procedure, the endodontist opens the tooth, removes the existing root filling material and corrects any problems. The tooth is then sealed again. This procedure is an effective and safe way to improve the health of the tooth and maintain its functionality.

Apikale Mikrochirurgie

Apicoectomy is a surgical procedure in tooth preservation that is performed when problems occur at the root tip of a tooth. A small opening is created in the gum to gain access to the root tip. The dentist then removes the inflamed or infected area and reseals the root tip.

Erweiterte Diagnostik

Advanced diagnostics

Digital X-rays are a very important diagnostic tool. It ensures lower radiation exposure than conventional X-rays and the images are immediately available everywhere.

3D X-rays ensure that we can control and plan our treatment even better. Three-dimensional digital volume tomography (DVT) shows the anatomical relationships of tooth roots, teeth and jaws in a spatial representation and in very high resolution. This provides us with information about dental structures in all angles and views as well as an exact representation of their actual spatial relationships.

This state-of-the-art technology helps to significantly improve diagnostics and treatment in endodontics.


Acute treatment of toothache

Approximately two thirds of all acute toothache is caused by endodontic problems. Prompt and careful clarification of the cause of the pain and immediate endodontic treatment lead to very rapid pain relief and ensure the long-term success of the treatment.


Dental accidents

With every dental accident, there is a risk that the tooth will die and a root infection will develop as a result. Immediate treatment and close follow-up checks are always important to prevent further damage.

Thanks to endodontic treatments, the long-term consequences of most dental accidents can now be minimized as far as possible and in many cases the natural tooth can be kept alive.

Assoziierte Behandlungen

Associated treatments

  • Apexification
  • Revascularization
  • Perforation coverings
  • Removal of existing root canal posts or fractured root canal instruments
  • Treatment of internal or external root resorption
  • Internal bleaching
  • Cosiliary service

Good to know

Quite the opposite: existing and sometimes very serious toothache is often only eliminated by root canal treatment! Pain during treatment can usually be completely eliminated with today’s anesthetics.

Root canal treatment is often the last option for preserving the natural tooth after a certain degree of inflammation/disease. In some cases, after an unsuccessful root canal treatment, a minor surgical procedure (apicoectomy) may be necessary.

In most cases, the only alternative to root canal treatment is to extract the tooth and then fill the gap with an implant. The cost of restoring the gap-free dentition is then often far higher than that of root canal treatment.